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Nancy Woodcock Hermanns |
I am part of a Woodcock family that homesteaded in the eastern Oregon area of Wamic/ Maupin/ Tygh Valley. My father was Vernon, son of Thomas, son of James Robert and Nancy E. Miller Woodcock. James had at least two brothers with him in Oregon and possiblly three.
Sunday December 27 2009 - Oregon

I.Woodcock |
Hi, i am 12 years old. My dad is a Colin Woodcock, and his dad a Colin Woodcock.
Saturday November 14 2009 - Norwich

Heather Woodcock |
My great-grandfather William Henry Woodcock was from Brighton England who migrated to the states in the early 1900. My family has very little record of him so it's hard to find relatives. My grandfather William Henry Woodcock (Jr) was born in Michigan as well as my father. Quite exciting to know someone is keeping track of us in a way! :)

Lovely site by the way.
Thursday November 12 2009 - Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Betty Sauls Crocker
How often do you update this website?
Monday September 7 2009 - Atlanta, Georgia

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Donald Alan Pollok |
I wonder how I ended up in your data base. Probably through my wife's family which includes Alexander, Harris, Taylor and others, mostly around Oregon from the 1850s onward.
Sunday June 7 2009 - Salem, Oregon

David william Woodcock |
according to older relatives my familt started in goodmanham yorkshire.any others here start there?
Sunday May 24 2009 - Canada

Sharon Woodcock Lynch |
I was poking around your site and found an entry from my nephew Dennis Woodcock on page 7. He is the oldest son of my oldest brother Dennis Woodcock of Westport Mass. I would be interested in contacting him if you have an address. I have included my email below. Thanks Sharon
Wednesday May 20 2009 - Kingdom City Missouri

Leslie Rogers |
My Grandfather is John Leslie Woodcock, Brother Hugh Douglas Woodcock and sister Nina Sue Woodcock. They were all originally from South East Texas. Leo and Jewel Woodcock of Texas where their parents. Just posted this to see if I found any connections.
Monday March 23 2009 - Houston, Texas

Jan Davies |
Just dropped in here on a family quest.
My great-grandparents (maternal) were Charles William Woodcock and Margaret Woodcock(nee Tyler).
Charles was born around 1860 and made his living as a Master Carpenter/Joiner in Middlesex, England. I have lots of info about Margaret Tyler but no clues about Charles.
Monday February 9 2009 - North-east England

Rachel Shelley |
My third great grandparents were Jane WOODCOCK and Joseph FELTON.
They were from Warwickshire originally, then came out to New Zealand in 1852 on the "William Hyde". Jane had other siblings who emigrated:
Edwin and Jane Woodcock (nee SLAYTON) to Sydney, Australia; David and Eliza Woodcock (nee JACKSON) to Christchurch, New Zealand; Annely and Margaret Woodcock (nee SINNOT/SINNOTT) to NZ, then Victoria, Australia; John and Sophia Keatley (nee WOODCOCK) to Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Kind regards
Wednesday February 4 2009 - Wellington, New Zealand

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