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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 05/15/2007 14:13:34 EDT
Subject: RE: A Potentially Very Happy Wife's Anniv. Gift

Message Detail:
John...loved your post. Great questions...and if you REALLY want the answers, then read on...

Here's why you should believe. Because Jesus backed up everything He said He was. He did miracles, and in His 33 years on earth, He fulfilled hundreds of prophecies stated about Him right there in the bible written hundreds of years before. Now, how cool is THAT, John?

Not only did Jesus do all of those things, but after He was pronounced dead on the cross and was buried...He rose again and was seen in the flesh by hundreds of people over 40 days.

John, Jesus could have taken Himself down off of that cross, but He knew that the only way that any of us could be saved from an eternity in hell was to WILLINGLY die and place our sin penalty on Him. He did just that.

In other words, Jersey John...unlike you and me...He backed up His talk with His walk.

And John...they did address that in the bible. Read either Matthew, Mark, Luke or John in the New Testament. When you read either of those books, get back to me and let's talk about it.

You're right John, religion is too commercialized.

But Jesus ain't religion. He is God.

Know what religion is John? It is man's way of setting and achieving his own standards of righteousness. That is what you have the problem with, and rightly so.

Know who Jesus is, John? He is God the Son who took the form of man and came to be born and to die to pay for our sins.

You should not believe any preacher. I challenge you John.

Pick up the bible and read it! Go to the sections I mentioned. Most of all, pray that God will give you insight and understanding as you read!

John, God DOES care whether or not you go to hell. Hell was created for satan and the fallen angels (demons) who followed lucifer in rebellion.

God does not put any person in hell.

Each person who goes to hell goes there because he or she puts themselves rejecting Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

As far as being a sinner is more 'funner'...well, sin IS a lot of fun, John...but only for a season.

Then comes the payback. Both here and in eternity.

The wages of sin of death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus the Lord!

I'm praying for you John....


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