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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 06/05/2007 22:37:08 EDT
Subject: RE: Georgia Lynn

Message Detail:
Hi John,
We had no choice to come into this world. We were born because God loves us..and wants us to live a life to bring honor and glory to Him!

We should be very thankful that we were born. This earth was indeed paradise in the beginning. The book of Genesis tells us that God made the earth and saw that His work was good. Then He made Adam & Eve. Then when those two sinned by disobeying God through the lie of the devil, from that point on...this paradise called earth began to disintegrate and it continues today.

God meant for us to live forever, but sin condemned us to an earthly death. Life is wonderful when we as individuals accept Christ as savior AND allow Him to guide our life. God promises us in scripture that believers in His Son need not fear death because to be absent from the body (to die) is to immediately be present with Him!

Sin is willfully disobeying God's law. It is from His law that we developed OUR law and ultimately our constitution when the country was formed in 1776. If we break His law it is a sin. If we break government's law, it can be both a sin against God and an offense against society which has consequences.

God states in the bible what is sin, and what is right and wrong. He says 'To the person who knows to do right, and does not do it, that is sin'. So God ultimately decides what is and is not sin.

That's why God the Son came to earth. He came to die for you and me and every man, woman and child who ever lived and will live. He died to pay for every sin ever that we who are sinners can have forgiveness of our sins.

To be forgiven of our sins, the bible says we must ASK Christ to save us. We must admit that we are a sinner, realize that we can do nothing of our own selves to remove the penalty of our sins (which is eternal separation from God in hell, acknowledge that Jesus died for our sins...and then ask Him to come into our heart and save us.

God promises in His word that if any person does these things....that if you 'believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved'.

You ask great questions, John. You are a very intelligent man. I consider you a friend. And I pray that you will take that step of faith and trust Him for your eternal salvation.

Try Him. He won't ever let you down. Ever.

...and may you sir also have a great day!


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