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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 06/07/2007 18:04:06 EDT
Subject: RE: Discovered WSUX Tapes - 1977

Message Detail:
Hi Mike,

I just accessed both programs from my office computer and home computer on Windows Media Player. I didn't encode them in real audio when I posted them Tuesday, because I was pressed for time and I did add the RM versions yesterday.

The 'corrupt' message you refer to? Are you attempting to play the file on a company computer or on your home PC? Some corporate systems have firewalls preventing access...but it doesn't sound like that is the problem from what you are telling me.

The only other thing that could possibly hinder the launch is if you have Quick Time as a default player...but it doesn't sound like that is the problem either.

I hope you can hear them eventually. Now a few things about that time period....

The jingles had just been added one week prior. Big Al Frazier brought the staff into the station at 11:30 on a Sunday night to audition them for us...and then had us go on the air at midnight to practice them. He actually signed the station off the air and then powered the signal down to low output so if we screwed up mechanically it wouldn't make the station look bad.

Jeff Hart was talking over weather beds promoting bloodworms for breakfast in downtown Seaford or some such nonsense and everybody was roaring in the studio.

Those jingles were actually used in Seaford BEFORE Mike Joseph appropriated the package for his then national 'Hot Hits' format in the early 80's, including WMAR-FM 106.5 (now Mix 106) in Baltimore.

Mike, I've never met you...but I feel like I know ya. Loved your work on TWC for decades and I was thrilled when I found out you worked at Stereo 98 just after I left.

Let me know if you can hear the shows on another computer. If not, I'll burn off the two CD's and drop 'em in the mail.



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