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Posted By: Jim on: 07/14/2007 16:42:00 EDT
Subject: RE: For John's Eyes Only - Nobody Else Will Be Remotely Interested!

Message Detail:
John wrote...

I assume PD manuals, these days, also address Single versions vs LP versions; Long Versions vs Short versions; Remastered vs orignal Mastering and Monophonic vs Stereophonic.

Jim replid....

I honestly do not know but on a guess, I would say they do not, simply because in-depth knowledge of our musical heritage is now the domain of the specialist rather than your average PD (or indeed, your average DJ).

Specialists are essential, as they give your station a certain cachet amongst the aficionados, and those people are the most loyal listeners.

For example, we used to broadcast specialist shows (country, classical, operatic, jazz etc), and although I was technically also in control of these shows, I (wisely) stayed well clear of them.

Those guys knew what they were doing - they had an audience even if I did not understand it - and all I would do by interfering, was to display my own ignorance of their speciality.

Never a wise thing for an omniscient PD to do!

And I wonder nowadays about the new crop of DJs and ODs "trained" at so-called "Radio Colleges" as I often hear recordings played on some "top" stations which are not the original versions, but very obvious remakes - something which displays a sloppiness that borders on a total disdain for the audience.

But as long as there are people out there with ears, who have enough interest to complain, then there is some hope.

But for how long?

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