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Posted By: John on: 09/24/2007 12:10:13 EDT
Subject: CBS (Broadcasting). Good or Bad?

Message Detail:
They (CBS) fire Dan Imus for a racial slur, but then attack Jews, with a comment made on their (new) "Big Brother" (I think it's called) TV show. Granted, what was filmed (and said) only appeared on YouTube, but still. Sadly, entertainment has hit an all time low.

The FCC(?) is still attacking CBS for the 2004 Super Bowl incident - a less than a second "boob" showing. I think the FCC has nothing better to do. If what happened, or similar, occurred more than once, sure, fire away, with both barrels. And if the FCC is so concerned with children being harmed by a "boob", why aren't they concerned with alcoholic beverage commercials?
I'm sure they have more affect on children than a tiny glimpse of a "boob".

CBS is being sued by Dan Rather. I find it amusing while KYW 1060 AM, announces this news event, they also make it clear that they exist because of CBS. In other words, send out the attack dogs and get Dan.

CBS owned stations fail to keep listeners satisfied, with "news" and/or "music" (at least the ones I listen to) They, I feel, have no other choice but to reward listeners with free vacations and prizes, such as laptop computers. I find it somewhat odd that the New Jersey Lottery sponsors WOGL, in PA.

CBS was possibly investigated for accepting Payola. I'm not sure where that landed. This was after I discovered Universal Music, and the other "major" record companies was hit with a large fine, in NY, for bribing to fuel their success.

When WOGL 98.1 FM (also CBS owned, but once owned via Infinity Broadcasting - in a twisted way) would, at best, offer much smaller gifts. But now that their "Oldies" station is basically limted to '70's music, keeping their listeners listening means more higher priced prizes and rewards. The "music" surely doesn't cut the cake alone.

By the way, Bob M., Infinity's WINS also ranks as the most listened to station in the country. I think you worked there!

My theory - the larger the "company" becomes, the more you'll find it corrupt.

Feel free to correct anything I've written, and please, I'm not looking for you to agree with what I wrote, so feel free to disagree.


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