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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 10/01/2007 19:54:05 EDT
Subject: RE: Yesterday - Radio Shows. Today - Copying/Selling Music

Message Detail:
Hi John - I'm back. (There has to be a song title in there somewhere).

Actually, it is not the legality I would be concerned at - it is the sheer pointlessness (and expense) of the service.

The theory is that they can supply you with CD copies of rare vinyl albums, which is fine, but when you check their listing, a lot of what they are offering has already available on CD anyway for years.

For example, they are offering The Castells "So This Is Love" LP & CD Album for $184.45 but you can buy the CD itself on Amazon for $14.97 already, and be guaranteed a perfect copy, which means you are paying $170 or so for the vinyl album alongside a possibly dodgy CD cut from the vinyl.

Similarly, they are offering several Bobby Vee albums at huge prices, whereas the originals were put on CD many moons ago for a fraction of what they are looking for.

So why bother?

On the other hand, I do note they have Sonny Curtis albums on CD mastered off the vinyl, and those particular vinyl albums have never made it to CD - so if you did not have the vinyl, it might be worthwhile.

But the same service is available in the UK at a fraction of the price.

However, the point is that the UK company demand you already have the vinyl LP. You ship it to them - they cut from that and ship everything back to you.

Aboe all, it shows that there is a demand for the material, if only the labels would go back and re-issue all their catalogue albums, instead simply trotting out annual "Greatest Hits" packages compiled from the same tired material.

If I see another "Greatest Hits Of The Lettermen", while Capitol sit on numerous vinyl albums never put on CD, I will be seriously unwell.

Not a pretty sight at my age, I can tell you.

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