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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 10/02/2007 13:31:45 EDT
Subject: RE: Important - Ultimate Oldies Radio

Message Detail:
Bob wrote...

It seems that the time has come for me to acquire a license from BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC to play this music.

Jim replies....

That should cover any live stream obligations, but I would try confirm that it would cover you for the download part of the site, as the RIAA (who I presume are the people involved), might also want their pound of flesh (or not - I am not sure what the US law is on that right now).

If as you say somebody reported you to your ISP and not to one of the royalty organisations, it frankly sounds more like a competing site than anybody else (perhaps a site that is not paying royalties itself anyway!)

I contribute very little really to Ultime Oldies (around $50 yearly) but that is what was quoted.

Perhaps if you could work out what it would take - we could all chip in to help.

Incidentally, with such a high Alexa audience figure, you could definitely benefit from Google Adsense income also. I do not use it on our own site, but I know people with far lower audience figures than Ultimate Oldies, who make a neat income from Adsense.

Failing that, why not make it a pure subscription site? I know I suggested that before, and it was not taken too kindly, but it was sincerely meant.

I also subscribe to Reel Radio (I cannot remember what they charge right off), and a few other sites, but Ultimate Oldies is the one I go to any time I am back home in Ireland, so I would hate to see it go now.

The problem with sites like these is that they are very time consuming, and after a life in radio, I know Bob how much of your time is being eaten into.

And when it starts to cost money as well - you have to look at it again.

Still, let's think about what to do instead of looking at the negative side of things.

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