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Posted By: Jimmy Dee on: 12/25/2007 20:23:54 EST
Subject: RE: The Meaning Of Christmas

Message Detail:
The apolegetics you began with are correct. But it seems the more people learn, the more questions they have. Believing in God is a matter of mind. Knowing there is a God is matter of heart.

I sit here this evening remembering. I think old guys do that more than younger men. During the past few years I have watched my life decline. We have experienced not one but three horrific financial set-backs. Lost a business, health problems, and difficulty earning as in past years. But, then, that has happened to many aging people.

Now we have moved from a house into an apartment. But Baby has made it our home. I am old now and much less able or capable than in past years. But I know through the years there have been many times when an unseen guide was there with me. I have seen prayers answered many times.

Even though we have lost much so late in life that we can't start over, Baby still smiles everyday and brings cheer into my ife. She is a trooper and I keep going because I love her so, and my son and his son are doing well. We shared a wonderful meal this Christmas and as I thought over things later, tears welled up in my eyes as I realized "again" how very blessed I am... and have been.

Ask me if I believe in God and I'll probably tell you no. I don't believe -- I KNOW THERE IS A GOD.

What is the meaning of Christmas for me? A time to celebrate the Birthday (whether in occured on this exact day or not) of the best friend I've ever had. He has always been there for me.

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