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Posted By: Bob Mathers on: 12/26/2007 12:08:25 EST
Subject: Site Update & Forecast 2007-08

Message Detail:
With the dawning of a new year, Ultimate Oldies Radio is making a few changes.

1. License Fees. We just paid BMI a 1 year subscription, and ASCAP and SESAC will follow by the end of the week.

2. Incorporation. Much discussed, now finally getting done.

3. Expansion Into Conventional Radio. Already underway with the weekly countdown, and more stations to be added in the next 30 days.

With these changes come expenses. Any entity has to 'bite the bullet' at the beginning. In the case of Ultimate Oldies Radio...we've been having so much fun that we've kind of overlooked the need to address the business side of things.

Like with anything else...bringing up the subject of money can produce a degree of skepticism and cynicism. Nevertheless, the time has come to take Ultimate Oldies Radio to another phase. That will require money.

Let me offer an example.

We encountered a problem with the streaming audio one month ago. The database blew up. We were using a delivery system that had some flaws and we didn't realize it until it was too late.

The good news is...we spent time with our technicians last week and managed to re-load and repair the streaming audio.

It is now fixed. putting the stream out on the site again..that is going to drive our licensing fees up.
Right now...we're investing almost $1000.00 in licensing fees to the big 3...and as I said...the stream will increase that figure.

The decision to pay the music licensing fees was purely voluntary. Call it instinct. We don't know where the performance issue will go in the future, but since we're using the music licensed to these companies (and they have been very patient with us because we're not making money), we figure that's only right. Especially since we're going to address these business issues now and want to be in compliance when the site starts to go into the black.

Our plan is to grow station affiliates for the countdown, drive more traffic to the site, and make the product attractive enough for advertisers who will support the site. If we are successful in doing this, we can then add more staff (PAID staff) and shore up some other areas of the site.

I made a decision at the beginning of December to work out of my house as a performance based rep for my broadcast training company. The alternative was a guaranteed salary each month, but that would have committed me to a 9 hour day in the office plus 2 hours commuting.

Thankfully, I enroll enough students to the point where my needs are met and I can go hard at Ultimate Oldies Radio.

So...I work out of the house. I actually put in upwards of 14 hours a day...but this is necessary to do my weekly job while having the time to plug away at the dream of making Ultimate Oldies Radio the best site it can be.

We thank everyone who has donated in recent days. It is much appreciated. All money that comes in for donations goes to pay down the debt that we are of necessity incurring to grow the site.

My personal goal is to eventually adminster Ultimate Oldies full time. I believe that is possible.

So there you go. An update of where Ultimate Oldies Radio is.

We've had some hiccups with the site in '07, but we're still here to go into 2008 and we hope you'll come with us to be a part of it.

Thank you,


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