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Posted By: Jay on: 12/27/2007 21:33:17 EST
Subject: The Archives - Special Request

Message Detail:
Hello, Bob!

Yes, I am so glad I decided to "join" the archive. It is so very enjoyable, both content and presentation. And having been around pre-R&R, I especially enjoy your '50s programs.

In fact, one of those has prompted this email to you.

Just now, I tried twice to play the Top 40 Countdown for September 7, 1957, part 2, and both times it stopped in the middle of "Mr. Lee." On my computer, the RealAudio link is the only player that ever works for me on any of your programs. I am far from computer savvy, and suspect this is purely with my computer here. I will have a friend check that out. But if possible, and when you can, I would very much appreciate if the RealAudio link for the above-mentioned show could be fixed. Please know there is no rush whatsoever. I will keep checking once a week or so.

I am almost embarrassed to tell you this is the second time I have made a similar request. You "fixed" one of the 1956 top 40 countdowns recently that wouldn't respond for me. And you very kindly sent an email advising me of the repair. That was very thoughtful and helpful, Bob, and much appreciated. And I did, indeed, enjoy that Part 2.

The work of folks like you is so very important to folks like me. There aren't that many of us who are collectors and just live the music and live for it to such a degree. And, as you have known forever, this type of programming apparently cannot make it on commercial radio. I have never even run into programs on noncomms of just '50s R&R. And I have had the opportunity to check nationwide since the early '70s. Furthermore, yours are the only programs like this I have run into on "the web."

So thank you so very much, and please know your site and work are highly treasured and enjoyed.

Happy New Year, and a Great '08!

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