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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 02/05/2009 10:53:31 EST
Subject: RE: The Day The Music Died

Message Detail:
Thanks Bill and Joe for reminding us about Buddy Holly.

The BBC (UK's equivalent of NBC, CBS and ABC) did a really excellent programme with lots of music and interviews, on Monday.

The programme also highlighted J P Richardson (the Big Bopper), who was one real talent, but is rarely recognised nowadays.

It is still available on the BBC Radio Site, but the link may be taken down this Saturday.

(You may wonder why I do not publish the link - the reason is that if you try to publish a link on this board - it rejects it. If you want the actualy link, simply email me at )

This is probably one of the best programmes they have ever done on Buddy Holly, which is saying something since they have done a new one every February 3rd since 1980!

Actually, give them their due, BBC TV did Buddy proud this year.

Last night, they did a three hour special on BBC4, a one-hour documentary and the movie "Buddy Holly Story" with Gary Busey (a fairly inaccurate script but enjoyable) and tonight they are doing another programme.

As well, BBC TV featured the anniversary on the main evening news bulletin, while Channel 4 TV had a longish segment on all their news stories, playing a previously unreleased track recorded just a few weeks before the crash. plus some new photos which I for one, had never seen before, taken on the final tour.

In comparison, I've been emailed by some people in the USA (even one from Holly's home state), complaining that the anniversary went virtually un-noticed there except on oldies radio stations - but then Holly always meant more in the UK than back home.

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