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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 04/01/2009 05:41:12 EDT
Subject: RE: Update & Apologies To All

Message Detail:
John wrote: Now, what group named themselves after a French jet airline?

Jim replied: I wonder if you meant a French jet airliner - and not an airline?

I know the names of very few French airlines, apart from Air France, and Air Inter and Air Méditerranée but I am sure there are lots of others I never heard of.

Now French airliners - that's a different matter.

Well no actually, it isn't because I know very few of them either, apart from the Concorde and the Dassault Mercure, and the Caravelle.

Which reminds me - there was a British group called the Caravelles, who had a hit in the UK (and perhaps also in the US) with "You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry" so could it be them?

I also thought Jefferson Airplane - after all if I remember rightly Thomas Jefferson lived in Paris for a while - but then he was not an airplane nor an airline.

Then I wondered if there was any chance that Pilot were named after the French aircraft, the Pilatus, but I think not.

Of course, it might be Question Mark & The Mysterians - the French have a fighter plane called The Mystere but the band claim they were called the Mysterians because their lead singer was a Martian (no - seriously, he did claim to be a Martian) and there had been a book about Martians called "The Mysterian". But then the Martian lead singer denies this and says he called the band ? & The XYZ, but when a DJ introduced them live one night, he could not remember the name and called them ? & The Mysteries. Perhaps ? really is a Martian?

Oh I give up.

On second thoughts - Led Zeppelin?

No, the Zepellin was German.

I think I'll go with The Caravelles.

And now an easy one - what group were named after a bowling alley?

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