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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 04/28/2009 19:50:20 EDT
Subject: RE: Publishing Music

Message Detail:
John wrote....

That's why I feel the US record companies are hot to trot to get EVERYTHING Elvis, for example, ever recorded out the door, ASAP. They know copyright abroad will/have expired.

Jim repled....

Yes - well in the UK and Ireland anyway, as there is a 50 year rule here, but - and I stress but - that does not affect US Copyright Law.

Early Elvis is out of copyright now in the UK - but not in the US. If the law remains unchanged, early Beatles will be out of copyright in the UK in 2012/2013 but even though they were British - not in the USA!

I love what is happening here right now - for one reason.

I just purchased an 8 CD set as I said earlier - of EVERY SINGLE 45 to chart in the UK between January and December 1958.

I already have them for 1957, 1956 and 1955.

This is an unbelievable treasure trove - some of these have not seen the light of day since 1958!

If copyright had not expired, those tracks would never have been re-released because the labels would not have bothered (not enough money) or would have charged extortionate rates to any reissue label which wanted to reissue them.

And the artists are being paid.

And the songwriters are being paid.

It is just the labels who are losing out.

But do not worry - those wonderful folk that run the record industry have mounted a campaign here to extend copyright law to 75 years, and they are gaining ground.

In the end, they will win, but it will be a terrible pity.

I spoke with a singer whose one minor hit has been re-issued for the first time in more than 50 years!

He was thrilled that the CD was out and that he was on it.

My own view is that if they extend copyright to 75 years, the copyright should not be extended to the labels, but only to the recording acts.

Let them regain ownership of their recordings, the same way songwriters regain ownership of their songs after a certain period.

But not the labels.

But do not worry - the labels will win anyway!

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