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Posted By: John on: 04/29/2009 08:17:19 EDT
Subject: RE: Publishing Music

Message Detail:
Jim wrote: Yes - well in the UK and Ireland anyway, as there is a 50 year rule here, but - and I stress but - that does not affect US Copyright Law.

Understood. However, thanks to the internet, imports are much more popular today, here in the US.

Jim also wrote: But do not worry - those wonderful folk that run the record industry have mounted a campaign here to extend copyright law to 75 years.

Ouch! I believe the artists deserve compensation, over time. If record companies were honest, I might even side with them. But, how much is too much? 50 years certainly sounds like a fair time. It's all about money, not entertainment. Look at the songs that are played over here, on commercial radio. Sadly, very few '50's, some '60's. Heck, even the '70's is being phased out.

Jim wrote: My own view is that if they extend copyright to 75 years, the copyright should not be extended to the labels, but only to the recording acts.

I see we agree, I think. I'd like to see some of the recordings that have never been released (as you mentioned from '58), put up for auction on eBay! Why people "sit" on tapes, I'll never know. Probably like a security blanket :-)

Lastly, Jim wrote: But do not worry - the labels will win anyway!

I agree! Here, in the US, since manufacturing is at an all-time low, entertainment, is at an all-time high, or, at least I think. If I had a chance to do it all over again, I'd seek a position in some form of entertainment. People, as bad as their economies may get, must be entertained.

Thank, Jim! Very informative!

p.s. Hearing Johnny Mathis' (1958?) "Chances Are", in Stereo, from an import CD, was wonderful!! Let those UK companies dig through their archives and surface more of that! Beautiful!


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