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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 09/23/2009 08:21:09 EDT
Subject: RE: Tim Moore vs Art Garfunkel - Second Avenue

Message Detail:
Tim wrote and had the original version of this song, which did chart on Billboard in September 1974, when it made 58 on Asylum Records.

It was his follow-up to "Fool Like You" which had come out on Dunhill the previous year.

Unfortunately, it was covered by Art Garfunkel when Tim's version became temporarily unavailable in the shops due to the collapse of Asylum's distributor Paramount Records.

In the end, neither version made the Top 20 - I think Art's version did scrape into the Top 40.

Tim had a few more Billboard entries after - one in 1975 called "Charmer" which I do not recall, and one in 1977 called "In The Middle" which was a great song.

He has produced five albums for Asylum - I am not sure if he did one also for Dunhill, but I have not seen any new albums by him for about twenty years.

I looked up Joel Whitburn for the chart positions and I notice that he lists him as being from New York City, but as far as I know, Tim is in fact from Philadelphia - for a while he actually lived next door to Daryl Hall, and he also attended art college in Philadelphia.

Although he has not been hugely successful as a singer in the USA, he has had Number 1 hits in Brazil, and also in Portugal.

His songs have been recorded by everybody from Cliff Richard to Cher to Art Garfunkel to the Bay City Rollers and he has recorded with the Stones, The Eagles, Hall & Oates, Gamble & Huff, Frank Zappa etc.

His most successful song is probably "Rock & Roll Letter" which the Bay City Rollers got a Gold Disc for.

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