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Posted By: John on: 02/14/2010 10:56:29 EST
Subject: RE: The Sunrays - I Live For The Sun - 1965

Message Detail:
Jim asked: Have they any listenership figures? Are you thinking of going ahead? I would love to hear it

No, no Arbitron rating, some very crude figures. And from the looks of things, looks like they want to remain secluded (hard to find).

It's a tough world with music radio. With all file trading (MP3) that plagues America, any Joe can have his own radio show. Even I would have a tough time since I'd play CD versions. Some stereo versions may be missing overdubs, unlike the 45 single mono version. Some stereo version may be a recreation and accepted as "hit" version because of superior sound quality, but not actually initial hit! The list of things to worry about could grow a mile long! Play original 45s and you'd be safe, but lack stereo. Play LP stereo, but missing edits and overdubs, etc.. Play CDs, and who knows what you'll play, 45, LP, maybe unedited version! And Be sure you know what you are playing, if you don't have any published material item at your side!! Too much out there to hang yourself with!!

Back to America stealing music. Recently, was the very first time I purchased a CD online (eBay) in a "long box". 1991 it is dated, EMI, didn't even know this was the initial year for the series!! Anyway, I questioned why only America (to the best of my knowledge) would seal CDs with white sticky tape, making them a pain to open! Imports have no such tape. With this long box purchase, it dawned on me. Initially, walk-in stores sold CDs packaged in these type boxes and/or were secured in a long plastic fixture, to prevent theft, that had to be removed. That later faded away, but then the sticky tape surfaced (I think)! However, I do find CDs for US market that is missing the sticky tape, but since they are unloaded in the, what I call, budget bin, I have to assume they never made it to distribution!

SPARS code, I think they called it, you know, AAD, ADD and DDD. That flew the coupe!!! Disclaimers for analog recordings on CD also flew the coupe! CDs and digital sound happened too fast. Record companies, my ears tell me, did not have the necessary tools to work with digital sound, even into the mid '90's, probably beyond, for analog recordings! Standards for CD "volume" were crude. Too fast for even RIAA to deal with. They should have just waited and made a bundle, like the recent Beatles Remasters, that are nothing more than processed digital sound that probably took four days, not years, to accomplish, but add a heavy price tag!!!! Everybody's Somebody's Fool!

Can you find anything about Sussex Records, who owned it, what happened to it? Reason I ask, most every artist on that (once) record label, on CD, most everything is "ripped" from vinyl. Where are the tapes!!!??

No need to reply to everything, just venting!!

Thanks, Jim! :-)


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