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Posted By: John on: 02/23/2010 13:04:33 EST
Subject: Radio - CDs - Etc.

Message Detail:
Recently, I purchased a past, 1991, CD from an eBay auction. It was packaged in a "long" box. I thought it was strange looking, but then I thought back in time, when CDs were first marketed, and they either came in long boxes or were encased in a long plastic store fixture, to prevent theft. I gather that might have been a little too much. But then came the white sticky tape sealing that made it a pain to open CDs. But, maybe it just has to do with distribution, but I have yet to come across any imported CDs that have this type of theft protection. That makes me wonder if there's more stealing and theft in the USA than in other countries.

I'm sort of shocked what is allowed to be posted on YouTube as far as complete songs and videos, etc.. Here I am worrying about the length of my lower quality song snippets on my own site. I gather this "older" music isn't worth taking someone to court over, not much will be gained or recovered. The RIAA busts I read are focused on younger kids, with current music that yields more money for record companies.

Radio: Still want to produce a show or two of my own. I guess you get a thrill when talking behind a microphone, knowing many people will hear you!

Religion: Not making fun of anyone, but I find it strange so much religious type words (God bless, etc.) are used by people who are into music, even here.

While an avid vinyl collector in the mid '80's, I had no one to talk with about collecting records; internet was yet to come. But, now I have the internet at my disposal, and it's hard to find other friendly CD collectors. Maybe everyone just collects MP3s, maybe I just reside in a repressed society.


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