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Posted By: Nick on: 01/17/2011 15:13:32 EST
Subject: Recent Countdown Shows and 2 Corrections

Message Detail:
Dear Bob
You're the BEST!!! So great to get the 3 new countdown shows: 12/06/75, 12/13/69, & 01/02/66. Now I see you have three brand new ones up!! YEEEYYY!!! 12/21/57, 01/13/62, & 01/18/64. Can't wait to check 'em out!!!

I play the countdown shows in my mailtruck as I'm delivering the mail (I have a 'mounted' route, that means I drive up to curbside mailboxes).

People ask me, "What are you listening to?" And I proudly tell them all about ULTIMATEOLDIESRADIO.COM I always feel great and in high spirits when I listen to the OLDIES, especially from UOR!!!

Anywho, I love "Cherry Hill Park" and on the 12/13/69 countdown when you played that terrific BILLY JOE ROYAL song "Cherry Hill Park" you mentioned that a friend of yours from NYC had never heard that song. So you went to WABC's archived music charts and found that they never played it. Then you concluded that it was never played in New York. WRONG!! (love ya!) There was a second Top 40 radio station here in Fun City that was better than WABC, and they were WMCA on the 570 frequency. Sure WABC had the huge ratings, but they stunk. WMCA had the bigger playlist, were less predictable, less commercials. Both stations had outstanding Disc-Jockeys, and they stayed in NYC.
But "Cherry Hill Park" was played on WMCA, and I fell in love with it instantly!!! So NYC did indeed hear it.

Secondly, on the 12/06/75 (St. Nick's Day!!) Countdown you played the JEFFERSON STARSHIP's huge hit "Miracles". Micky Thomas had not replaced Marty Balin on the lead vocals until 1979. And Balin had not replaced Grace Slick, who was still with the group. (That's the female voice on the song.) Both Slick & Balin are original members of the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and were still with the Starship (although Marty Balin had quit in 1971 but rejoined in 1975).

Please keep those great countdown shows coming!

Do you still accept listeners' ideas and song selections for special shows? If you do I have an outstanding one I'd love to send you for your consideration. I'm sure you'll love it.

God Bless you, your family and all your loved ones, everybody at UOR (especially the legendary JACK GALE!!!) and their families.
May 2011 be your best year ever, and may each coming year be even better than the year before!

Nick Vavas
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