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Posted By: Jim Liddane on: 01/18/2011 09:08:31 EST
Subject: RE: Thanks Bob & Jimmy

Message Detail:
John wrote...

The FCC needs to publish a Broadcasting For Dummies book!!

Jim replied...

I'd be the first in the queue to buy it!

Actually, I am fascinated by these type of regulatory moves because radio over here in Europe is beginning to decline for the first time in its history.

Ireland for example, has always been a radio-mad country, but 2010 showed the first-ever decline in the percentage of the population tuning in on a daily basis.

I would not dream of saying I know definitely why the figures are going down but I have a feeling that it may have something to do with the availability of your own personal library on your own portable player, meaning you are likely to tune into radio only when you want the news.

Which is what I find myself doing - but it is not what the kids are doing.

My own demographic is so set in its ways that it still routinely tunes for news anyway, but kids are not that into news, and they seem to be dropping out in droves, a fact which is reflected in both the listenership and the profitability figures here.

So how to get me (for example) back to the music part of radio?

Well naturally a station like Ultimate Oldies would do it for me, because it so happens that I still prefer to hear a DJ alongside my favourite records and not just the records themselves, (which is why I have Bob Mathers permanently on my MP3 player).

And as this is really narrow-casting - then perhaps small little one-man stations could do this type of broadcasting far better than a catch-all operation.

So, bring on these cheap local transmitters!

And John, if you decide to splurge, I still might be able to get you here if you streamed on the internet!

(Not that my attempts to get Bob's breakfast show live are working!)

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