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Posted By: Paul Carter Jr. on: 01/26/2007 14:44:01 EST
Subject: Do You Remember: Lorenzo And The Lorenzo Stomp???

Message Detail:
Ultimate Oldies Radio Listeners:

When John brought up the question concerning the artist performing the instrumental, “ Yakety Sax “which is Boots Randolph. I thought about the following and would to share this with all the listeners.

Do any of the listeners remember the following:

In Baltimore, Maryland there was a TV show on Monday through Friday during the early sixties which featured Jerry Wheeler who would do different characters throughout the show. The show ran from 07:30 A. M. to 09:00 A. M. on WJZ (Channel 13 – Baltimore, Maryland). The most popular character on the show was a hobo named Lorenzo. He was kind of a take off from Red Skelton’s character, Freddie the Freeloader. Lorenzo would perform a dance, The Lorenzo Stomp to “ Yakety Sax “ on the Monument Label by Boots Randolph and at the conclusion of the dance he would fall down. The song would hit #1 locally in Baltimore for 7 weeks and be the #1 song in Baltimore for the entire year of 1963.

My brother and I were invited to a neighbor’s birthday and were surprised when told that Lorenzo would be coming. Everybody had a great time and even did The Lorenzo Stomp with Lorenzo on a wood built stage. Jerry Wheeler (Lorenzo) was a great guy and very nice gentlemen.

Boots also did session work with artists such as Brenda Lee. Check out the solo on Brenda’s 1960 Christmas classic, “ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree “ is being played by Boots.

Have a great day.

Take Care!

God Bless!

Paul Carter Jr.

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