Woodcock Family Records
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The family history databases at this site are produced by IGM Ver. 2.3 (Copyright 1996 Tim Doyle). The operating system is FreeBSD Unix and the space and internet connectivity are provided via FluidHosting.com.

The true value of the IGM processes, written in Perl, are the absolute ease of updating the data, the inclusion of all notes and sources, and the ability to link images to individuals within the database. (NOTE: The original IGM scripts on this server have been modified to my own needs. In addition, all Gedcom files are 'hidden' to protect them from commercial sites.)

This is a Family History site! I am not a genealogist, just a person searching for information and history regarding all of my ancestors and their families. Some of the data presented may be in error, some omissions are surely to have occurred, and some of the stories that are (or will be in the future) included may not all be happy ones. If there are errors found they can be corrected in very short order, that is the value of this system. All E-Mail regarding this site and it's content, is welcomed - positive or negative.

About the Loon. In the upper right corner there is an image of a Loon. It is a bit more than just my logo. I arrived in Topsfield, Maine rather late in the evening in August of 2000. It was my 'trip home', a trip to visit my Great Grandfather's farm there, some 130 years after he left. After settling into our lake cabin, I went to just sit, relax a bit, and enjoy the late evening on the porch. It was quite dark, and very, very quiet. And from the lake, for the very first time in my life, I heard the Loon's call. It echoed through the hills, sent chills up my spine. It was my Welcome Home.

Clarence L. Woodcock